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We aim to provide high quality structured education to children, in way they can develop a strong base in a second language, without the need for expensive private tuition.

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Bee German | German For Children

Your Teacher and Host: Madeleine

The Bee German Book!

Bee Bilinguals Future

Our book was made with young children in mind and we believe its a great way to introduce them to German Language.

  •  60+ Page Large format Paperback
  • Structured with continuous learning in mind
  • Tested and improved upon in children’s German lessons
  • A brilliant gift for a child at only £4.99 / €5.99 / US$6.99

Currently we only have Our German course for English speakers. But we dream big and hope to expand into other languages as we perfect our courses. Bee French? Bee Spanish? Bee English? We Believe everyone should have the privilege of a second language and It's Bee Bilinguals mission to facilitate that!

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Madeleine comes from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. She has taught German in various settings for over 7 years and has developed this course from her experience of teaching many different class types ranging from groups of children, individual children to adults, teenagers and whole families. She taught German in Germany and currently gives lessons in the UK. Her students have pursued German for various reasons such as  preparing for a move to Germany, to study for German language qualifications or simply for fun.

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Bee German Was developed to introduce children into German in a structured and engaging way, providing them with tuition style development in multiple methods, through free videos on our YouTube channel 'German for Children', free worksheets on our website, and a comprehensive workbook. 

We have found a course a favorite amount those who have are emigrating to or have recently emigrated to Germany or that have German family who they want to learn to talk to! 

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